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 Tempeh, fermented foods and the magical soya bean…


e5Mighty Bean has traditionally placed a strong emphasis on Research & Development. Over the years we have been active in numerous government and industry groups concerned with the various aspects of Soya bean production, processing and promotion. Currently Mighty Bean is developing blueprints for a new processing facility that will pioneer innovative waste-management techniques to further enhance the cost effectiveness of Soya Bean processing.

Mighty Bean is a specialist supplier of high quality Cultured/Fermented Soy-Tempeh Cuisine with a broad experience as a manufacturer over three decades.


Why Soya?

The Soya bean has in itself some remarkable properties as well as numerous advantages in terms of the sustainable production of a quality protein for human consumption. It is now widely known that when Cultured/Fermented the Soya bean is a rich source of protein containing Calcium, Iron, Zinc, Folate, Selenium and Dietary fibre, yet it is low in saturated fats and is also Cholesterol free. These properties place Soya in a uniquely favorable position to provide the base for our range of health oriented products. When flavoured and processed appropriately, the Soya bean offers a broad variety of end products including: additives for cereal and bread, isolates for milk, yogurt and tofu, extenders for sausages and whole bean utilization for the production of Tempeh.


Soya claims

Currently there are many claims being made worldwide as to the attendant health benefits associated with diets, which have a high Soya content. Studies are underway investigating Soy’s cancer inhibiting properties, its anti-oxidant nature and even its cholesterol-reducing effects. These claims are partly responsible for the robust growth of Soya based products worldwide. Phytoestrogens contained in Soy offer a natural alternative to Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Mighty Bean has always been committed to producing a quality range of Cultured/Fermented Soy-Tempeh products that are tasty, healthy, affordable and environmentally sustainable. We believe that the maximum utilization of the Soya bean for human nutrition is achieved only by fermentation/culturing the whole Organic G.M.O. Free Soya bean into Tempeh. The other fermented soy’s for promoting health benefits are Miso(paste), naturally fermented Soy Sauces (Shou & Tamari) and Natto(Japanese condiment). Tempeh is the only alkaline fermentation known and is the most nutritional, convenient and versatile of all the fermented Soyfoods.


Why Tempeh?          

Tempeh is arguably the finest form of Soy available for human consumption. Tempeh contains twenty-nine of the forty-five essential nutrients generally considered necessary for good health. A look at an analysis of Tempeh shows that there are very few natural foods that can match the goodness contained within it. Tempeh contains both of the required Essential Fatty Acids, all ten required proteins, nine of thirteen essential vitamins and eight of twenty-one minerals. The constituents of Tempeh place it right at the forefront of the emerging group of foods called Functional Nutraceuticals because of their Phytochemical properties and the availability of naturally occurring health giving benefits associated with the culturing process in the form of live enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, simple starches and anti-oxidants all resulting from the culturing process.

Tempeh is created by the inoculation of cooked Soya beans with the spore Rhizopus Oligosporus followed by an incubation period.

Tempeh retains all the goodness of the Soya Bean and as a result of the culturing and incubation process, additional anti-oxidant properties are created. Utilization of the whole Soya Bean provides the maximum nutrition for human consumption

It is a rich source of Folate, B12, Iron, Calcium, Dietary Fibre and Selenium, which are increasingly becoming recognized for their health giving properties. In addition Tempeh contains the essential fatty acids that convert to Omega 3 from Omega 6 when consumed.

Mighty Bean has pioneered the development of Tempeh as a high quality, healthy and versatile food type within Australia and is in the early adoptive stage.

Consumers are increasingly discovering and enjoying it both in fresh and processed forms. Being a health food company, Mighty Bean believes that the Soya Bean in general and Tempeh in particular provides an optimum source of nutrition in a versatile form.

Soy Tempeh. Fermented Soy. Best Soy!

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Who can benefit from Soy Tempeh and why?

It is now generally accepted that the Soya bean offers one of the best forms of high quality protein for human consumption. Mighty Bean Tempeh products contain no Cholesterol, are low in calories, high in dietary fibre, packed with vitamins B1, B2, B3, B12, they contain natural Phytoestrogens, Isoflavones and Folate as well as being free of Gluten, Lactose, salt, preservatives, and dairy products. Tempeh is made by the only natural Alkaline fermentation process known and as such does not have the normal side effects associated with a legumous diet.

These properties translate into many benefits for a wide variety of consumers.

Being low in fat with no cholesterol, Mighty Bean products are ideal for people who either need to or want to consume a healthier form of protein. (Heart patients’ etc.)

Health claims are now being made concerning heart disease and consumption of certain quality soy products such as soy tempeh regularly.

The anti bacterial and anti-oxidant properties of Soy Tempeh promote beneficial intestinal flora and coupled with the high content of dietary fibre creates a unique and healthy food type. Mighty Bean Tempeh products are packed with Folate, Omega 3, Isoflavones and Phytoestrogens components that are now generally accepted as being essential in a healthy diet. Mighty Bean Product Range.

Mighty Bean offers a range of 100% organic (A.C.O. approved) Soy Tempeh products, which cater for the vegetarian consumer in general and the Vegan consumer in particular, these include:

48 - Mighty Bean Soy Foods

Mighty Bean’s Fresh Local Sunshine Coast Tempeh in 250g block and bulk 1 Kilo slabs. Organic Soy Tempeh Original in 250g blocks, Organic Soy Tempeh Savuory in 300g blocks, and Organic Soy Tempeh Oriental in 300g blocks,

Tempeh products are extremely versatile and can be sliced into chips or diced or grated for use in Bolagnaise sauces, casseroles, soups and salads.


A chemical analysis of Tempeh

Ref. United States Department of Agriculture www.nal.usda.gov/fnic/cgi-bin/list_nut.pl
Tempeh NDB No: 16114


Tempeh - Fresh Local, Tempeh - Gourmet Roast, Tempeh - Savoury
  • Tempeh - Fresh Local

    250g block and bulk forms Fresh Tempeh has a great nutty taste and is fabulous fried in oil or added to stir fries. It can be bought fresh from the markets and frozen for use at a later date.

  • Tempeh - Original

    250g block Tempeh makes a great addition to stir fires and curries, but great on its own as well.

  • Tempeh - Oriental Stir Fry

    300g block Flavoured with soy, chillies and Szechuan pepper this Tempeh has a fabulous fresh zesty flavour.

  • Tempeh - Savoury

    300g block Selected herbs and spices for those that have a more savoury palate.

  • Tempeh - Gourmet Roast

    215 gram block Gourmet Roast Tempeh is indeed a “no cooking required, slice and eat” deliciously tasty truly gourmet tempeh.

Tempeh - Oriental Stir Fry, Tempeh - Original, Tempeh - Savoury