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e5Fresh Tempeh is extremely versatile and convenient and will adapt to any recipe in any cuisine. Fresh Tempeh can be sliced and fried in coconut, peanut, sunflower(GMO Free) oil into tempeh chips (see recipe section), or grated for use in Bolognaise sauces, diced into lakas, Thai or Indian curries, traditional casseroles, stews, and soups..

What Sizzles and Tastes Great??? Tempeh Burgers!!!

Simply freeze your fresh tempeh  then once defrosted cut into quarters then cut each quarter in half, marinate in soy, ginger and turmeric for 30 minutes, then fry on hot plate or Bar B Que,.. Bon Appetite!!!

We make our fresh tempeh in the traditional family way by taking our Queensland certified organic Whole Soya Beans which we roast, split, dehull,  then soak. The soaked beans are then rinsed, before cooking to optimal nutritional condition for culturing.

The dewatered, cooked split beans are cooled and inoculated with our own  MI-T Tempeh Starter (rhizopus oligisporus) and specially incubated for 24-36 hours allowing formation of natural anti-oxidants, which are produced, in the later stages of culturing.

Our late harvest at Mighty Bean ensures optimum probiotic nutriceutical properties are contained when the lush white micullium growth of the fungi fully binds the beans into a solid cake of fresh tempeh.

Grey or black patches are naturally occurring result of the culturing process, Sporeulation of the culture resulting from late harvest imparts no flavour profile and is NOT indicating spoilage in any way.

Tempeh is a rich source of high quality vegetable protein and beneficial fatty acids. The nutriceutical, probiotic benefits of Soy Tempeh result from the enzymes produced during the culturing, (protase, litase, aminase) acting on the proteins, fats and carbohydrates of the split dehulled organic Soya bean. Culturing soyabeans into Tempeh provides the maximum utilisation of Soya beans for human nutrition and a rich source of natural Phytoestrogens, Folate, Selenium, Anti-oxidants and vitamin B12. Fermented Soy, Best Soy!

The freshest tempeh makes the crispiest tempeh chips. Frozen fresh tempeh is ideal to use in recipes such as laksas, curries, casseroles, stews, stir fry, crumbed cutlets, marinated tempeh burgers,etc.

Soy Tempeh. Fermented Soy. Best Soy!

Tempeh flavours

We currently have 4 tempeh products all produced same day from our fresh tempeh straight from the incubator. Our “Today’s Fresh Tempeh” is a gourmet food available at Saturday Eumundi market from late Friday harvest

We despatch our “Today’s Fresh Tempeh” into better local wholefoods stores and our distributors within 24hrs of harvest.

 Fresh Tempeh

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Our vanguard product, Mighty Bean Fresh Tempeh is the “Jewel in the Crown”. All of our other products begin life as a block of Mighty Bean Fresh Tempeh.

This live fermented gourmet food is maturing from day of harvest and is best cooked within a few days of harvest or frozen sooner rather than later. When fried in coconut, peanut, or GMO Free sunflower oil fresh tempeh  has a great nutty taste and is fabulous as a tempeh chip on its own or added to stir fries.

barcode_freshMighty Bean Fresh is  delivered same day as harvest into our better local wholefoods retailers and can be bought fresh from us at Eumundi Markets every Saturday, then cooked or frozen for use at a later date in a variety of healthy recipes.


 Original Tempeh


Our Original Tempeh is our “straight from the incubator freshest tempeh” which we pasturise and vacumm seal to retain freshness and prevent tempeh from maturing and becoming over-ripe.

We add nothing, only seal in the freshness, into our 250g block of Original Tempeh. Our Original Tempeh is versatile and convienient in all your favourite recipes, making a great addition to your stir fries and curries, but great cooked as a tempeh chip for use in salads or as a simple healthy snack (don’t forget to drizzle with soy or sweet chilly).

barcode_originalOur Original Tempeh has a Best Before Date of 16weeks from harvest and is ideal for retailers to store in the fridge display section.

 Oriental Stir Fry Tempeh

orientalOur range of flavoured tempeh was developed as a result of customer requests for a pre-seasoned spicy tempeh for use in certain healthy Asian style recipes.

Our 300 gram “Oriental Stir Fry Tempeh” block of pre-seasoned “Oriental Stir Fry Tempeh” is tastefully flavoured with mild  chillies, sweet paprika and Chinese five spice with a marinade of GMO free vegetable stock. Our “Oriental Stir Fry Tempeh” has a fabulous fresh zesty flavour ideally suited for all “Asian style “recipes, especially stir-fries. Makes great tempeh chips to dice through a Thai salad.

barcode_orientalOur “Oriental Stir Fry Tempeh” is available through better wholefoods stores and local retailers with a best before of 4 months this product is vacuum packed to retain freshness and goodness.

Savoury Tempeh

savouryOur range of flavoured tempeh was developed as a result of customer requests for a pre-seasoned “savoury  tempeh” for use in certain healthy Western/Euproean style recipes.

Our 300 gram “Savoury Tempeh” block of pre-seasoned “Savoury Tempeh” is tastefully flavoured with Italian Herbs and a marinade of GMO free vegetable stock.

Our “Savoury Tempeh” has a fabulous more-ish savoury flavour ideally suited for all cuisines especially Italian and Eastern style recipes as well as modern style quick and easy (always good for a tempeh chip).

barcode_savouryOur “Savoury Tempeh” is available through better wholefoods stores and local retailers with a best before of 4 months this product is vacuum packed to retain freshness and goodness.


Gourmet Roast Tempeh

Our Mighty Bean Fresh Tempeh is cooked straight from our incubators before being basted with our Certified Organic fresh orange turmeric, fresh ginger, fresh galangal (grown on our farm ACO 439A) naturally fermented soy sauce (Kikoman- contains wheat), and special blend Italian herbs. Our resulting “Gourmet Roast Tempeh”  230 grams block is indeed a “no cooking required, slice and eat” deliciously tasty truly gourmet tempeh.

Ideal sliced on platters, diced through Thai salads, yummy in wraps or turkish bread or simply tossed through a vegetable stir-fry. Our “Gourmet Roast Tempeh” has no barcode and is a speciality gourmet product made for speciality accounts and direct orders as well as being available from Eumundi Markets on Saturdays. We can deliver this product to customers and better wholefood retailers via Fastways Couriers locally and Australia Post anywhere in Australia receiving overnight, next day services.

Our “Gourmet Roast Tempeh” is dated with Best Before of 25 days and can be frozen for up to 12months. Truly everyone’s favourite “Fantastic Fermented Food” , “Mighty Bean Gourmet Roast Tempeh”, Packed with 28% protein!


  • Tempeh - Fresh Local

    250g block and bulk forms Fresh Tempeh has a great nutty taste and is fabulous fried in oil or added to stir fries. It can be bought fresh from the markets and frozen for use at a later date.

  • Tempeh - Original

    250g block Tempeh makes a great addition to stir fires and curries, but great on its own as well.

  • Tempeh - Oriental Stir Fry

    300g block Flavoured with soy, chillies and Szechuan pepper this Tempeh has a fabulous fresh zesty flavour.

  • Tempeh - Savoury

    300g block Selected herbs and spices for those that have a more savoury palate.

  • Tempeh - Gourmet Roast

    215 gram block Gourmet Roast Tempeh is indeed a “no cooking required, slice and eat” deliciously tasty truly gourmet tempeh.

Freshly grown organic ginger, turmeric & galangal

Certified organic – grown on the Sunshine Coast

  • Turmeric - Fresh

    Fresh organically grown turmeric - available seasonally

  • Ginger - Fresh

    Fresh organically grown ginger - available seasonally

  • Galangal - Fresh

    Fresh organically grown galangal - available seasonally