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 Mighty Bean Tempeh and Organic Ginger – How we began…

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Mighty Bean Soyfoods is a family business started in 1981 by Master Tempeh Makers Michael and Julie Ann Joyce. Over three decades they have produced Mighty Bean Tempeh and built a reputation for producing the benchmark of finest, highestquality fermented food Soy Tempeh in the world, using Australian grown certified organic whole Soya Beans.

The Mighty Bean certified organic Soy Tempeh is a plant based food, high in protein, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Cholesterol Free and GMO Free.

Mighty Bean Tempeh has been at the forefront in developing a fermentation process which provides the most wonderfully nutritious and delicious cultured Soya bean food type called Tempeh (pronounced ‘Tempay’). Our headquarters and primary production facility is situated in the pristine hills of the Sunshine Coast hinterland in Queensland Australia where our entire range of Certified Organic Soy Tempeh (GMO Free) is produced. The property is certified by the Australian Certified Organic. A.C.O under compliance No.439A and the Tempeh  processing facility under ACO compliance No.48P.

e5The philosophy of Mighty Bean Soyfoods has traditionally placed a strong emphasis on sustainability and protection of enviroment.  Tempeh as a food type is what we refer to as E5th, being Energy efficient, Economical, Environmentally friendly, Ecological and Ethical.

Following these principles with the integration of tempeh production on farm in the early 1980ies and the founding of the Australian Certified Organic movement,  Mighty Bean Soyfoods became foundation members of the ACO.

Soy Tempeh. Fermented Soy. Best Soy!

Today on our Certified Organic farm number 439A we grow  ginger, galangal and turmeric.

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